Payment methods

Any order must be paid immediately after order confirmation. Only orders with completed and verified payments will be carried out. The payment must be made by credit or debit card (of an entity with headquarters in Spain) or by Paypal. VISA/ Mastercard cards are accepted.
For safety reasons, if you choose Paypal as your paying method, once the order is placed, no changes are allowed in the shipment address. This data will not be saved or used by us, it will be registered directly to the payment platform of the correspondant financial entity. 
For more safety, we will use the Safe E-Mail Authentification Service, a system established by VISA / Eurocard, to which the client authentificates himself to the issuing bank and the comerce authentificates himself to the acquiring bank.
In order to guarantee the confidentiality, and integrity in transactions, these will follow SSL protocol (Secura Socket Layer) with security keys of 128 bits.
The charge will take place in real time through the payment platform. In case the charge cannot take place, the order will automatically be cancelled.

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