León de Cloe bcn

A mother, two kids and a dream... This is how León de Cloe bcn was born. A very simple idea, but with a very strong vital force.

So here I introduce you to my animal collection: loving, nice, calm, kind, sophisticated, protective... Through silhouettes I have tried to shape all those poses, gestures and expressions that animals have that characterize them so well.

And what are they for? Well, for nothing. To look at them and smile, to draw them and have fun, to give awat and enjoy, to play with and be yourself... Simply to lighten up the place. Important things that quite too often we tend to forget. These are not useful or practical collections, but all the contrary and I am proud about it.

My four first collections are:

Design animal sculptures for your home: Silhouettes in iron with a velvety finish in bright colors: an elegant cat, a loving Teckel, a protective Doberman, a sweet Scottish Terrier... A frivolité that will make you smile every time you see it in your home.

Ceramic mugs with animal silhouettes: Mugs with inspiring messages for you to use every day in your home. The cat that wishes you good luck, the Teckel couple that will travel around the world, the lion king and the loving elephants.

Painting kits for kids: A box with three sheets of animal silhouettes for kids to paint live a canvas in an easel. Just open the box, bend the sides and start painting!
A small piece of art in the shape of an animal made by you.

Placemats with activities for kids: For the little ones of the house to paint, play and enjoy before, after or during dinner time.

And this is my new animal family with which I want to keep inventing, creating and designing, which is what I love.

A project dedicated to my children, Leo and Cloe

Emma Olivé

León de Cloe bcn
Trazo bcn
Edificio Palau de mar
Plaça pau vila 1
Planta 1º, seccion ad
08039 Barcelona

Phone: 934874749
NIF: B63576771

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